Disable plugins in specific URLs in WordPress

Some WordPress plugins can be useful or necessary for most of your pages in your site, but not for all of them. Usually, there is no problem, they are just unused in some pages. But, in case your plugin is adding overhead to your site you may want to disable it in some pages. ThisContinue reading “Disable plugins in specific URLs in WordPress”

WTF — Google PageSpeed Insights is no longer reliable!

Yep, I don’t get crazy. The go-to tool about web performance PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is having some serious trouble providing inconsistent results. Also is generating insights far from the state of the art practices for performance. Just as examples… CNN scores 1 over 100 to PSI. Based on this it takes ~8s to render the first contentContinue reading “WTF — Google PageSpeed Insights is no longer reliable!”

Are tracking scripts slowing down your site?

Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, advertisement, Hotjar… Add tracking scripts or pixels is a common practice in most of the web sites. But event the site respond at the same time with the HTML it takes longer to get it ready in the browser. Why? Looking into the page rendering process First, the browser gets theContinue reading “Are tracking scripts slowing down your site?”