WTF — Google PageSpeed Insights is no longer reliable!

Yep, I don’t get crazy. The go-to tool about web performance PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is having some serious trouble providing inconsistent results. Also is generating insights far from the state of the art practices for performance.

Just as examples…

CNN scores 1 over 100 to PSI. Based on this it takes ~8s to render the first content and ~30s to be interactive. Really? Other premium and up-to-date news sites also have similar scores:

Test it your self and check also the suggestions from PSI and make fun about how it’s calculating the savings.

Also in e-commerce sites, we get mad results: scores 44, quite better than CNN but even still not reliable. One of the sites taking more care of web performance in the world is scoring as a really slow site. Also,

Surprisingly, some sites still score fine, for example,, from Automattic, is getting a 93.

So, what’s going on? Forget about PageSpeed Insights. We can still get reliable audits using the PSI engine LightHouse in chrome DevTools or as stand-alone. The question here is, what about SEO?

We all know that performance is important for SEO and the PSI index is told to be relevant in the overall page score. So what can we do?

Personally, I would recommend to the sites getting really low PSI scores not care that much on the PSI value as long is broken and focus on real performance, for better UX. Spend money improving your site and let time to Google teams to fix it.

The better sites on the Internet are scoring that low too and probably all your competence also have these low scores!

Furthermore, this is still documented in GitHub issues and no maintainers are actively working on it. I would like to think they are working on it internally. See


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