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1 second of loading lag time would cost Amazon $1.6 bilion in sales per year


An extra 0.5 seconds in search page generation would cause a traffic drop by 20%


Web Performance is a major business matter.

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What is backend performance?

Backend performance refers to what happens in the server of your web page. Improving it focus in the time spend between the user opens your page since the browser have all the information to show it to the user. This time should not be longer than 100ms

What is frontend performance?

Frontend performance refers to what happen between the visitor’s browser gets the response and the moment when the user can read and interact with your site in his/her device. This time should not take longer than few seconds.

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WTF — Google PageSpeed Insights is no longer reliable!

Yep, I don’t get crazy. The go-to tool about web performance PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is having some serious trouble providing inconsistent results. Also is generating insights far from the state of the art practices for performance. Just as examples… CNN scores 1 over 100 to PSI. Based on this it takes ~8s to render the first contentContinue reading “WTF — Google PageSpeed Insights is no longer reliable!”

“When the load time jumps from 1 to 4 seconds, conversions decline sharply. For ever 1 second of improvement we experience 2% conversion improvement”